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Adaptil CalmAdaptil Calm
Adaptil Calm
ADAPTIL Calm helps dogs feel calm and avoid signs of stress such as vocalization, destruction and panting during stressful situations like staying home alone or fireworks. ADAPTIL Calm can help reduce destruction and vocalisation for dogs stressed when left home alone. ADAPTIL Calm can reduce destruction and panting, restlessness and hiding for dogs stressed during fireworks. How does ADAPTIL...
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Adaptil Chews 30s
Adaptil Chews 30s
Adaptil Chews A fast calming tasty chew to help your dog when they are facing stressful situations. Composed of calming ingredients that start working in 30 minutes. Perfect for: Approx. 30 chews in a tub. Tastes delicious Soft chew especially formulated for dogs Your dog will love the chews-dogs eat them like a treat directly from your hand How many ADAPTIL Chews should I give...
£33.00 inc VAT