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Aluspray 210ml,
Aluspray 210ml,
Silver spray to aid the healing of wounds. No Antibiotic so no prescription required DUE TO SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS - PLEASE PURCHASE NO MORE THAN 2 OF THESE ITEMS AT A TIME - IF YOU REQUIRE MORE PLEASE CONTACT US AT
£15.60 inc VAT
Ipakitine Powder
Ipakitine Powder
from £10.80 inc VAT

Marbocyl P Tablets, (each) POM-V
Description Marbocyl tablets – For oral administration. The recommended dose rate is 2 mg/kg per day in a single daily administration. To ensure a correct dosage body weight should be determined as accurately as possible to avoid underdosing. In dogs for the treatment of skin and soft tissue infections, treatment duration is at least five days. Depending on the course of the disease it...
from £0.66 inc VAT
Propalin Syrup 40mg/ml dogs 100ml, POM-V
Description Propalin Syrup – Treatment of urinary incontinence associated with urethral sphincter incompetence in the bitch. Efficacy has only been demonstrated in ovariohysterectomised bitches Data Sheet
£35.00 inc VAT

Forcyl Cattle, POM-V
Description Forcyl -In cattle:-Therapeutic treatment of respiratory infections caused by sensitive strains of Pasteurella multocida and Mannheimia haemolytica. In lactating cows: – Treatment of acute mastitis caused by sensitive strains of Escherichia coli.
from £60.60 inc VAT
Kefloril 100ml injection, POM-V
Description Pigs:treatment of acute outbreaks of respiratory disease caused by strains of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and Pasteurella multocida susceptible to florfenicol. Cattle:diseases caused by florfenicol susceptible bacteria. Preventive and therapeutic treatment of respiratory tract infections in cattle due to Mannheimia haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida and Histophilus somni. The...
£54.00 inc VAT

Marbocyl 10% 100ml, POM-V
Description In cattle: Indicated in the treatment of respiratory infections caused by susceptible strains of organisms. It is also indicated in the treatment of acute E. coli mastitis. In pigs: Indicated in the treatment of Metritis Mastitis Agalactia syndrome caused by susceptible strains of organisms.
£132.00 inc VAT
Tylucyl 200 mg/ml 100ml, POM-V
Description For the treatment of specific infectious conditions (stated below) caused by microorganisms susceptible to tylosin. Cattle (adult): -Respiratory infections, metritis caused by Gram-positive microorganisms, mastitis caused by Streptococcus spp, Staphylococcus spp and interdigital necrobacillosis, i.e. panaritium or foot root. Calves: -Respiratory infections and necrobacillosis. Pigs...
£42.00 inc VAT

Bioestrovet 20ml (POM-V)
Description Cattle (heifers, cows): – Induction of luteolysis allowing resumption of oestrus and ovulation in cyclic females when used during dioestrus – Synchronisation of oestrus (within 2 to 5 days) in groups of cyclic females treated simultaneously – Treatment of suboestrus and uterine disorders related to a functioning or persistent corpus luteum (endometritis, pyometra) –...
£28.80 inc VAT
Ceto Phyton 1 Litre
Ceto Phyton 1 Litre
Ceto Phyton?is a unique formulation of sodium propionate, niacin, Sylibum marianum and monopropylene glycol. It is a dietetic supplement to reduce the risk of ketosis in cattle and ewes. \n \nIt is a dietetic complementary feed. \n \nIt is available in 1l.
£27.00 inc VAT

Trimediazine Plain Oral Equine powders 1x10x50gram, POM-V
Description Trimediazine Plain is indicated for use in the treatment of bacterial diseases in horses, including upper and lower respiratory tract infections, alimentary tract infections and infected wounds.
£38.40 inc VAT

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