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Caninsulin 40IU/ml, POM-V (fridge)
Description Caninsulin 40IU/ml – Target species: Dogs and cats. Indications for use: The product is an intermediate acting insulin product containing porcine insulin, which is structurally identical to canine insulin. It is indicated in cases of diabetes mellitus (insulin deficiency) in dogs and cats, where the required blood levels are achieved by using an individually adjusted dose...
from £34.80 inc VAT
Description CANINSULIN VETPEN CARTRIDGES – Target species: Dogs and cats. Indications for use: The product is an intermediate acting insulin product containing porcine insulin, which is structurally identical to canine insulin. It is indicated in cases of diabetes mellitus (insulin deficiency) in dogs and cats, where the required blood levels are achieved by using an individually...
£100.80 inc VAT

INCURIN 1 mg 30s, POM-V
Description Target Species Dogs (bitches). Indications for use The treatment of hormone-dependent urinary incontinence due to sphincter mechanism incompetence in ovariohysterectomised bitches. Contraindications Do not use in intact bitches, as the efficacy has only been established in ovariohysterectomised bitches. Animals showing a polyuria-polydipsia should not be treated with...
£16.20 inc VAT
Dimazon 5% injection 10ml, POM-V
Description A potent saluretic type of diuretic for parenteral administration to cattle, horses, cats and dogs. Dimazon is indicated in the treatment of oedemata associated with cardiac insufficiency, renal dysfunction, trauma and parasitic disease. It is also recommended for the treatment of mammary oedema and limb oedemata. The product gives rapid onset of diuretic action with increased sodium...
£17.40 inc VAT

Bovipast 5ml Auto Injector
Bovipast 5ml Auto Injector
5ml Automatic injector - ideal for Bovipast
£15.60 inc VAT
MSD BVD/Leptavoid H automatic injector 2ml
MSD BVD/Leptavoid H automatic injector 2ml
Automatic 2ml injector
£18.60 inc VAT

Calf Scour Test Kits (5 calves)Calf Scour Test Kits (5 calves)
Calf Scour Test Kits (5 calves)
Calf scour test kits can be used to find out which bug is causing your calves to scours - is the first step in successful treatment or even prevention of calf scour. These easy to use test kits can test for Rotavirus, Ecoli F5 (K99), Coronavirus and Cryptosporidium in less than 5 minutes. When you know which you are up against ... then your vet can recommend the best course of action...
£78.00 inc VAT
OPTIMMUNE 3.5grm eye ointment, POM-V
Description OPTIMMUNE 3.5grm Dog. Indications for use: For the treatment of chronic, recurrent conjunctivitis resulting from autoimmune disease of the eye. Indicated for the therapeutic treatment of Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS, ‘dry eye’) and chronic superficial keratitis (‘pannus’) in the dog. May be used to augment topical corticosteroids or as a substitute...
£38.40 inc VAT

Nobivac DHPPi injection for dogs 1s POM-V (Fridge)
Description Nobivac DHPPi injection for dogs- For active immunisation of dogs to prevent mortality and clinical signs caused by canine distemper virus infection. To reduce clinical signs of infectious hepatitis and viral excretion due to canine adenovirus type 1 infection. To prevent mortality, clinical signs and viral excretion following canine parvovirus infection. To reduce clinical signs and...
£15.00 inc VAT
Nobivac Lepto 2 injection for dogs 1s POM-V (Fridge)
Description Nobivac Lepto 2 injection for dogs – For active immunisation of dogs to reduce infection with Leptospira interrogans serogroup Canicola and Leptospira interrogans serogroup Icterohaemorrhagiae. Specific claims: The duration of immunity induced by the vaccine was established as at least one year. Nobivac Lepto 2 significantly reduces the number of animals which develop...
£4.32 inc VAT

Chronogest Sponges Applicator
Chronogest Sponges Applicator
Handy applicator to insert sponges into ewes
£12.00 inc VAT
CIDR applicator,
CIDR applicator,
Applicator for insertion of CIDR
£20.40 inc VAT

Engemycin Aerosol 200ml, POM-V
Description Engemycin Spray – For the treatment of the following infections caused by, or associated with, organisms sensitive to oxytetracycline in cattle, sheep and pigs: Treatment of foot infections caused in particular by: Dichelobacter nodosus, Fusobacterium necrophorum and other Fusobacterium spp., and Bacteroides spp.Supporting treatment of superficial wound infections following surgery...
£9.60 inc VAT
Mastiplan LC 20 pack, POM-V
Description Mastiplan LC tubes – Treatment of clinical mastitis in lactating dairy cows caused by Staphylococcus aureus, Coagulase negative staphylococci, Streptococcus agalactiae, Streptococcus dysgalactiae, Streptococcus uberis and Escherichia coli sensitive to cefapirin
£58.80 inc VAT

Ceporex 180mg/ml Injection 100ml, POM-V
Description The product is indicated for antibiotic therapy in cattle, cats and dogs. Cefalexin is a broad spectrum cefalosporin antibiotic with bactericidal activity against a wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.
£78.00 inc VAT
Cobactan 2.5% 100ml, POM-V
Description Cobactan 2.5% or the treatment of bacterial infections in cattle and pigs caused by the Gram positive and Gram negative microorganisms sensitive to cefquinome. Cattle: Respiratory disease caused by Pasteurella multocida and Mannheimia haemolytica Digital dermatitis, infectious bulbar necrosis and acute interdigital necrobacillosis (foul in the foot) Acute E.coli mastitis with...
£54.00 inc VAT

Depocillin 300mg/ml 100ml, POM-V (Fridge)
Description Contains Procaine Benzylpenicillin for the treatment of infections caused by bacteria sensitive to penicillin in horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, cats, and dogs.
£12.00 inc VAT
Engemycin 10% (DD), POM-V
Description Engemycin 10% -For the treatment of infections caused by organisms sensitive to oxytetracycline in horses, cattle, sheep and pigs. oxytetracycline is active against a range of both Gram-positive and Gram-negative micro organisms including:Streptococcus spp., Staphylococcus spp., L. monocytogenes, P. haemolytica, H. parahaemolyticus and B. bronchiseptica and against Chlamydophila abortus,...
from £15.00 inc VAT

Nuflor, POM-V
Description Nuflor for Cattle: Diseases caused by florfenicol susceptible bacteria. Metaphylactic and therapeutic treatment of respiratory tract infections in cattle due to Mannheimia haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida and Histophilus somni.The presence of the disease in the herd should be established before metaphylactic treatment. Sheep:Treatment of ovine respiratory tract infections due to Mannheimia...
from £48.00 inc VAT
Metricure 500 mg Intrauterine Suspension(12s), POM-V
Description Target Species Cows Indications for use Metricure is indicated for the treatment of subacute and chronic endometritis in cows (at least 14 days after parturition) caused by bacteria sensitive to cefapirin. Contraindications Do not administer to animals known to be allergic to cephalosporins or penicillins. Special warnings for each target species None Special...
£132.00 inc VAT

Bovilis IBR Marker LIVE(with applicators), POM-V (Fridge)
New packaging. Bovils IBR Marker Live for the active immunisation of cattle to reduce the intensity and duration of the clinical respiratory signs induced by an infection with BHV-1 and to reduce nasal excretion of field virus.
from £15.60 inc VAT
Blackleg Vaccine 50ml, Pom-VPS (Fridge)
Blackleg Vaccine- For active immunisation of cattle and sheep against Blackleg. Significant levels of immunity cannot be expected until two weeks after the second dose of vaccine in the primary vaccination course. From experience from field use, the duration of active immunity is expected to last one year. The duration of passive immunity is at least 4-6 weeks in lambs provided that lambs receive adequate...
£13.20 inc VAT

Bovilis BVD, POM-V (Fridge)
Description Bovilis BVD – For active immunisation of cows and heifers from eight months of age onwards to protect the foetus against transplacental infection with Bovine Viral Diarrhoea virus.
from £18.60 inc VAT
Bovilis Leptavoid H, POM-VPS (Fridge)
For the active immunisation of cattle from 1 month of age against Leptospira interrogans serovar Hardjo and Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar Hardjo. To reduce shedding of Leptospira interrogans serovar Hardjo in urine. To improve herd fertility when infertility is diagnosed as caused by Leptospira Hardjo.
from £30.00 inc VAT

Bovipast RSP 10 dose, POM-V (Fridge)
Description For the active immunisation of cattle against: Parainfluenza 3 virus, to reduce infection, Bovine Respiratory Syncytial virus, to reduce infection and clinical signs, Mannheimia haemolytica serotype A1, to reduce infection, mortality, clinical signs, lung lesions and bacterial invasion of the lung caused by serotypes A1 and A6. Cross-reactive immunity to the A6 serotype of M.haemolytica...
£82.80 inc VAT
Bovivac S 10 dose (50ml), POM-V (Fridge)
Description For the active immunisation of cattle in order to induce serological and colostral antibody production against Salmonella dublin and Salmonella typhimurium and in the face of an outbreak to reduce Salmonella typhimurium infections when used under field conditions as part of an overall herd management programme. Bovivac S may also contribute to reducing S. typhimurium contamination of...
£68.40 inc VAT

Bravoxin, POM-VPS (Fridge)
Bravoxin Suspension is for the active immunisation of sheep and cattle against disease associated with infections caused by Clostridium perfringens type A, C. perfringens type B, C. perfringens type C, C. perfringens type D, Clostridium chauvoei, Clostridium novyi type B, Clostridium septicum, Clostridium sordellii and Clostridium haemolyticum and against tetanus caused by Clostridium tetani.
from £27.00 inc VAT
Rotavec Corona, POM-VPS (Fridge)
Rotavec Corona - For the active immunisation of pregnant cows and heifers to raise antibodies against E. coli adhesin F5 (K99) antigen, rotavirus and coronavirus. While calves are fed colostrum from vaccinated cows during the first two to four weeks of life, these antibodies have been demonstrated to:- reduce the severity of diarrhoea caused by E. coli F5 (K99)- reduce the incidence of scours caused...
from £48.00 inc VAT

Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live (with plastic nasal adaptors), POM-V (Fridge)
Bovilis INtranasal RSP Live – For the active immunisation of calves from the day of birth onwards to reduce clinical signs of respiratory disease and viral shedding from infection with BRSV and PI3. Onset of immunity: BRSV: 5 days PI3: 1 week Duration of immunity: 12 weeks
from £45.60 inc VAT
Dexadresson 50ml, POM-V
Description Dexadreson may be used whenever a parenteral corticosteroid preparation giving a medium duration of activity is indicated. It can be used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic agent in horses, cattle, pigs, dogs and cats and for the treatment of primary ketosis in cattle.
£26.40 inc VAT

Dexafort 50ml, POM-V
Description Dexafort is indicated for use as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic agent in cattle and for the treatment of primary ketosis in cattle. The product can also be used to induce parturition in cattle
£26.40 inc VAT
Finadyne 50 mg/ml 100ml, POM-V
Description In Cattle: For the control of acute inflammation associated with respiratory disease. Finadyne has also been shown to have some benefit in the treatment of experimental acute bovine pulmonary emphysema (Fog Fever). Finadyne Solution may be used as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of acute mastitis. In Horses: For the alleviation of inflammation and pain associated...
£32.40 inc VAT

Chronogest Sponges 25 Pack, POM-V
Description Chronogest Sponges for use in ewes and ewe lambs, in combination with PMSG (Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin) Induction and synchronization of oestrus and ovulation (non cycling ewes during seasonal anoestrus and ewe lambs). Synchronization of oestrus and ovulation (cycling ewes and ewe-lambs).
£87.00 inc VAT
PMSg Powder + solvent 5000IU each, POM-V
Description PMSG is capable of supplementing and being substituted for both luteinising hormone and follicle stimulating gonadotrophin of the anterior pituitary gland in both the male and female, stimulating development of the ovarian follicle
£40.80 inc VAT

CIDR 10 pack, POM-V
Description Vaginal delivery system. A T shape device consists of progesterone impregnated silicone elastomer skin moulded over an inert nylon spine. Each device contains Progesterone. 1.38 g
£144.00 inc VAT
Chorulon 1500iu 5 pack, POM-V
Description The product can be used in the following fertility problems in domestic animals: cases of repeated failure of conception in cows and heifers – induction of ovulation in mares and bitches – cases of cystic ovaries in cows and heifers -anoestrus in mares and bitches – delayed ovulation, prolonged pro-oestrus in bitches - deficiency in libido in male dogs.
£62.40 inc VAT

Estrumate, POM-V
Estrumate™ 250 µg/ml solution for injection Species:Cattle, Horses and other equidae Therapeutic indication:Pharmaceuticals: Hormones and therapeutically related products: Prostaglandins/others Active ingredient:Cloprostenol Sodium Product:Estrumate™ 250 µg/ml solution for injection Product index:Estrumate Cattle - milk:Zero hours Cattle - meat:1 day Withdrawal...
from £24.60 inc VAT
Oxytocin-s 25ml (intervet), POM-V, Fridge
Description For the treatment and prophylactic control of all economically important gastrointestinal roundworm infections in cattle weighing between 100 and 300 kg at the time of administration. Also as an aid in control of parasitic bronchitis (lungworm infection).The Panacur Bolus is designed to release fenbendazole continuously in the reticulo-rumen of cattle for up to 140 days (20 weeks). When...
£18.00 inc VAT

Receptal 10ml, POM-V
Description For the treatment of infertility of ovarian origin and improvement of pregnancy rate in cows
£28.80 inc VAT
Panacur Bolus 10 pack, POM-VPS
Panacur Bolus is an effective broad spectrum wormer providing treatment and long acting control of gastrointestinal roundworm in young cattle. As the longest acting worming bolus on the market in the UK, Panacur Bolus is especially well suited for first time grazers.\n\n \n\n
£152.40 inc VAT

Panacur Cattle / Sheep 10% 1 Litre, POM-VPS
Broad Spectrum wormer containing Fenbendazole.
£93.60 inc VAT
Vecoxan 2.5mg/ml oral suspension, POM-VPS
Vecoxan - For the treatment and prevention of coccidial infections in lambs and to aid in the control of coccidiosis in calves
from £156.00 inc VAT

Virbamec Super Cattle Injection 500ml, POM-VPS
Ivermectin and clorsulon injection for the treatment of mixed trematode and nematode or arthropod infestations, due to adult and immature roundworms, lungworms, warbles, mites, lice and liver fluke in cattle.\n\n \n\n
£126.00 inc VAT
Bravecto Spot On, POM-V
Description Bravecto Spot On – for the treatment of tick and flea infestations in cats and dogs. Cats: This veterinary medicinal product is a systemic insecticide and acaricide that provides immediate and persistent flea (Ctenocephalides felis) and tick (Ixodes ricinus) killing activity for 12 weeks. For the treatment of infestations with ear mites (Otodectes cynotis). Dogs: This...
from £19.32 inc VAT

Enzovax, POM V (Fridge)
01/06/2024 PLEASE CHECK AVAILABILETY BEFORE PLACING ORDER AS STOCK IS LIMITED 10 DOSES EXPIRY END JUNE 2024 20 DOSES EXPIRY END JULY 2024 available late June Target species Susceptible female breeding sheep. Indications for use For the active immunisation of susceptible female breeding sheep to reduce abortion caused by Chlamydophila abortus infection. Challenge studies have...
from £35.40 inc VAT
Footvax, POM-VPS (Fridge)
Footvax - For the active immunisation of sheep as an aid to the prevention of footrot and reduction of lesions of footrot caused by serotypes of D. nodosus
from £45.60 inc VAT

Heptavac P Plus, POM-VPS (Fridge)
Description No prescription required if intended for use in sheep. Target species: Sheep Indications for use For the active immunisation of sheep as an aid in the control of lamb dysentery, pulpy kidney, struck, tetanus, braxy, blackleg, black disease, clostridial metritis caused by Clostridium perfringens types B, C and D, Cl.septicum, Cl.novyi, Cl.chauvoei and Cl.tetani. The vaccine may...
from £48.60 inc VAT
Lambivac, POM-VPS (Fridge)
Description Lambivac vaccine – Target Species – Sheep and pigs. Indications for use Sheep For the active immunisation of sheep to: – reduce clinical signs and mortality due to the toxin of Clostridium tetani (Tetanus); – reduce mortality due to the epsilon toxin of Clostridium perfringens (Pulpy kidney); – induce a serological response against the...
from £22.20 inc VAT
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