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Dermisol Cream, POM-VPS
Dermisol Cream is for topical use only. Dermisol Cream should be applied twice daily although more frequent applications may be made if necessary. Wounds: The cream should be spread liberally on to wound surfaces and before each new application it is advisable to wash the area with a multicleansing solution so that loose slough and cream from the previous application are removed without raising...
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Repiderma 250ml
Repiderma 250ml
Repiderma Skin Protection & Hoof Spray, is a non antibiotic, easy to use adhesive spray which protects the skin and is safe to use on cattle, horses, sheep and pigs. When applied it immediately forms a long lasting, semi-permeable layer which protects against the elements while still letting the skin breathe to aid repair. Repiderma contains chelated minerals are the active ingredients which allow...
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