Scabigard 50 doses, POM-V (Fridge)
Prescription Required
Prescription Required

Scabigard 50 doses, POM-V (Fridge)

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Scabigard 50 doses, POM-V (Fridge)
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Product Description


Scabigard : Dosage: 0.02 ml administered by skin scarification.

This vaccine must be administered to sheep and lambs using an applicator, such as the Scabigard Applicator, that dispenses a 0.02 ml dose of vaccine and prevents back flush. Refer to “User warnings” for information on risks to the operator.

At the site of vaccination, erythema local to the line(s) of scarification are to be expected as the initial, observable effect, days 1-14 post-vaccination. Vesicles and pustules may then be observed, from approximately day 3-14 post-vaccination, and restricted to the site of scarification. Rupture of these vesicles and pustules, and scab formation, can be expected from about day 7 post-vaccination. These effects are expected in up to 100% of animals treated and are commonly referred to as vaccine “take”; they indicate successful vaccination. In susceptible animals (those at risk of Orf virus infection) the aim is to obtain a “take” in each animal vaccinated.

Susceptible sheep or lambs must “take” in order to become immunised against Orf disease. Failure to “take” may be due to poor vaccination technique, improper handling of the vaccine resulting in loss of potency, or because the sheep are already immune. Revaccination once should be considered where a “take” has not occurred.

It is strongly recommended that the effectiveness of vaccination be assessed by examination of a selected group of sheep and/or lambs, one week to 10 days after vaccination. A more or less continuous line of pustules should be visible along the track of the scratch made on the skin. The pustules progress to form scabs which gradually dry and fall off by 7 weeks after vaccination.

Treatment of Ewes (site and method of administration):

Vaccinate pregnant ewes 7-8 weeks before lambing. Do not vaccinate ewes less than 7 weeks before lambing. The site of administration is behind the elbow or in the axilla (i.e., between the top of the foreleg and the chest wall), to prevent infection of the udder and subsequent transmission to lambs. Refer to Figure 1 below.

Treatment of Lambs (site and method of administration):

Lambs may be vaccinated at any time from birth. Young (ie. unweaned) lambs should be vaccinated in the axilla. Refer to Figure 1.

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Figure 1: Correct site for vaccine administration

Vaccinate behind the elbow, in the hairless skin of the axilla.


Restrain the lamb or sheep over a rail or similar with the bare skin exposed. To apply the vaccine, place the Applicator prongs onto the skin and commence making a 4 to 5 cm scratch. The vaccine dose will be evenly deposited along the scratch. The Applicator must be held at an angle to the skin (approximately 45 degrees). Press firmly to ensure there is sufficient skin damage to enable an effective vaccination “take”. The scratch should be just sufficient to break the top layer of the skin but not deep enough to draw blood.

Recommendations when using the Scabigard Applicator:

? Place the vaccine bottle into the plastic sleeve supplied with the Applicator.

? Ensure the Applicator is in an upright position, to avoid scratching the operator.

? Push the bottle, now inside the sleeve, firmly onto the draw off needle until it can go no further.

? Ensure the needle punctures the centre of the rubber circle on the top of the bottle.

? In order to prime the Applicator for vaccine application, ensure the Applicator is in the locked position. Holding the vaccinator so that it points to the ground, press down on the base of the vaccine bottle in a “pump like” action. Priming should take approximately 10 pumps. When the vaccine flows onto the scratcher prongs, the Applicator is primed and ready for use.

? The small drop of liquid, measured to a precise dose, is supported by the Applicator prongs until the product is applied.

? Prior to vaccination of each subsequent animal, the Applicator must be pumped once to recharge the Applicator prongs with a precise dose of vaccine.

? Prior to first vaccination and each subsequent vaccination session, and at the end of each vaccination session, the Applicator should be (re)sterilised. Do not use disinfectants to clean the Applicator as residues may harm the vaccine when next used.

? As frequently as required, wipe the Applicator tip on a piece of cotton-wool or tissue to remove grease, dirt and wool collected from the sheep’s skin, taking care not to contaminate the hands. It is advisable to have a plastic bag open and pinned up to receive used materials. Burn or sterilise used materials as soon as possible after use.

Applicator sold separately

For more information see product data sheet Scabigard

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